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Custom Photochromics

for Sport, Fashion and Fun

Neutral Grey - Suitable for outdoor sports giving sun protection whilst retaining natural colour balance.

Light Purple - Dampens green and enhances orange for target shooting.  Glare reducing in bright snowy conditions.

Dark Purple - Excellent in very bright conditions for glare reduction and contrast of orange against green

Dark Brown - For most outdoor sports. Blocks high %  blue light giving enhanced contrast and reducing light levels.

Dark Green  - Blocks out most blue light whilst providing more natural vision with excellent contrast between colours.

Rose - clay shooters & reduces glare in snow conditions. Modifies greens and blues for greater colour definition.

Pale Yellow - shooting, fishing, cycling and winter sports. High contrast in poor light conditions and filters blue light.

Amber - most outdoor sports and daytime driving in bright conditions. Gives improved contrast whilst filtering blue light.

Orange - Similar to yellow but more subdued.  Excellent contrast and blocks blue light.