Quincey Eyewear is based in Goonhavern, a small village close to Perranporth. Together with its neighbour Newquay the two towns have some of Cornwalls finest Surfing and Sports Activity centres.  The company opened for business in 1998 but the story began many years earlier.  The top team have worked together since the early 1980’s manufacturing lenses for glazing labs and high street opticians.  With the introduction of polycarbonate as an optical material the team were amongst the first to develop effective manufacturing and colouring processes.   Experience with this difficult material enabled the Company to offer a range of products at that time not available elsewhere.  Always ahead of the game, the team applied their experience to the first Trivex test lenses when they arrived in the UK and today the Company offers a very large range of these lenses. Although the two materials feature prominently in the Quincey portfolio an extensive range of lenses in indexes from 1.50 through to 1.74 are also available.  Many years ago, long before the current wave of popularity, the team began development and manufacture of its Arena 8 base Sunwrap range and the product has since sold widely both in the UK and Europe.  As with ARENA our SolarFlair photochromic product was the first of its kind and still leads the way in full customisation. We are accustomed to difficult prescriptions and High Powers, High Prisms, High Cyls are all taken in our stride.  But speciality lenses often need speciality frames with special glazing processes.  Quincey supplies these frames in abundance in the form of sports, safety and sunwear styles and our experienced glazing technicians are accustomed to handling a wide variety of frame styles with unusual shapes or designs that have elsewhere been turned away.  In this time of significant change and with increasing pressure on the high street we aim to continue to develop and offer a wide range of high quality innovative products at affordable prices to meet the lifestyle demands of the consumer.  


2a Goonhavern Trade Park,

Goonhavern, Cornwall


t:  (44) 01872 571615

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email: sales@quinceyeyewear.co.uk

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